​Are Hookahs the New Cigar?

13th Apr 2018

          Cigars have always been a staple of tobacco culture in all parts of the world. Those who smoked cigars were seen as cultured, sophisticated, and knowledgeabl … read more
​Pharaoh's Hydra Hookah Bowl Benefits

​Pharaoh's Hydra Hookah Bowl Benefits

8th May 2016

The Pharaoh's Hydra Bowl makes smoking shisha easy again. You don't need to buy multiple bowls as the Hydra comes with traditional, funnel, and vortex clay inserts. Simply pop in whichever insert you … read more

Benefits Of All Glass Hookahs

7th May 2016

Glass hookahs have started to gain popularity over the past few years and have become a standard for many hookah enthusiasts. Before the invention of all glass hookahs, the only available options were … read more

About Mya Hookah

2nd Jul 2014

We believe in selling high quality products at Hookah Warehouse and today we would like to give a little history about one of our favorite hookah brands, Mya. Mya has been serving the hookah community … read more

Sahara Smoke Vortex Hookah Bowl

26th Jun 2014

The Sahara Smoke Vortex hookah bowl is designed to enhance the shisha smoking experience by keeping the shisha juices in the bowl rather than dripping down the stem and into the water. When the juice … read more